Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our beloved Nana

My Nana passed away yesterday ending her battle with cancer. At this moment I am not able to describe what is going on or how I feel but my cousin, Jocelynn, wrote a beautiful blog post about Nana that i wanted to share.

Love you Nana with all my heart. You are an angel and finally at peace. You will never be forgotten and your love will continue to grow in our family. I miss you so much it hurts. I can't wait to see you again in heaven.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well we have been busy as always but I thought I would post a few pictures of our year so far.

So far it has been a busy year. Mike has been traveling a lot. He has been to Liverpool, NY, Chicago, Arizona...just to name a few. It is so tiring for him but he never complains. He is such a tough guy! His travels have left me, as I call it, a "work widow," but Anthony is at an age where he is my little buddy. He is a lot of fun! We enjoy conversations about "why do cars go fast" and I spend much of my time answering his many why questions. :)

Anthony has been busy too with sports, swimming lessons, play dates, birthday parties and more! I know I am biased but he is such a little stud at baseball! He loves it! Oh and he loves golf too. He has Mike's natural athleticism! I have a ton of video but I have yet to find the time or patience to figure out how to upload the videos. Hopefully I can post them here soon.

I also just passed the AGPA test so I can promote at work (a senior analyst position with the State)! I am so excited! The pay raise will be such a relief since we will be affected by the furloughs. We still don't know how much our pay will be cut, but with this raise, it won't matter. Whew!

I better go because Anthony is up from his nap and, as usual, there are balls flying past my head!Hopefully it won't be too long before I can update this blog again!


We had a great Easter and Anthony got to have 3 egg hunts! We are so blessed to have such big families and wonderful friends!

Easter Egg hunt at the Costanza's in Concord. Anthony is counting his eggs with Nana.
The Jurkovich Easter Egg hunt at our house

The neighborhood kids before we let them loose on the neigborhood egg hunt

Poor Joey did not want to take the group picture

Silly boys! Anthony's neighborhood friends.

Anthony, James and Evan hanging out after the egg hunt...They look like they are planning some trouble!

The cutest easter bunny in the whole world! My little nephew Jack.

Party Time!

We have had many fun birthday parties to go to so I thought I would share some pictures of some of them.

Sienna's 3rd birthday!
Anthony's cousin Sienna turned 3 and she had a really fun birthday party and there was a clown named Giggles there too.

Sienna's Uncle Mike (my cousin) wears Sienna's favorite scary mask whil bringing her the cake. She loves it and we had a good laugh too. Of course Anthony was scared though. HA!

Anthony is practicing his big brother skills, he is so cute! he just needs mamma to have another baby!

Jack enjoying Unlce Mike's balloon hat.

Balloon fight! (I am sure Anthony started it!)

Sienna and Adri love baby Jack

Sweet birthday girl with Giggles

Anthony is getting Spiderman on his arm

Hanna's Birthday Party
This is Anthony girlfriend at day care.
So cute how they are enjoying their suckers together!

Anthony and Hannah again at day care. Mike and I had the day off so we took anthony to Mrs. Stacy's house for the Valentine's Day Party

Anthony and Stacy's son Timmy.

Anthony and Timmy decorating their cupcakes.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tahoe vacation

Mike and I took some time off and went to Tahoe the day after Christmas. We relaxed, built a snowman, Mike went snowboarding, and Anthony went sledding all by himself! He didn't want us to go with him and he wanted to go from the very top of the hill. It scared me at first but he loved it. Check out the video!

Anthony being camera shy.

Anthony's little snowman. We made it while the boys were snowboarding and it has a women's touch with the hair! HA!

Anthony sledding down the hill!

Christmas morning

Anthony ripped through all of his presents and loved them all. Nana and Papa joined us on Christmas morning and then we drove to Concord to be with Mike's family. It was a very nice day.

Santa brought Anthony a keyboard with a microphone because anthony loves to sing!

Thanks for the really cool car garage Uncle Brian!

Sweet Jack!

Just a few random pics of little Jack. He is so cute!

Check ou the video! It is short but sweet!